Yarn Winders and Bowls

I love yarn. I do not love trying to find the yarn end in the center of a skein! More often than not, I end up pulling out a bunch of tangled yarn.

This is known as "yarn barf". Not a very attractive word, but the image......well, it fits! I also am not a fan of knots in the yarn as I'm using the skein. It slows down my crocheting!

I have recently discovered yarn winders. Mind Blown! They are the best!

I take the time wind yarn from a store bought skein into an 'easier to use' ball of yarn. As I do, I will find all the knotted up yarn, the end pieces of yarn that were tied together during manufacture, if there is a flaw that I need to cut out of the skein. I would rather take the 5 minutes of winding, than have the frustration mid-project!

Yarn winders come in lots of styles and price ranges. Personally, I prefer this wooden one over other styles.

Yarn bowls help keep the yarn I'm working with corralled. They are also a great place to

keep the crochet hook I'm using for that project with the yarn, and I don't

loose it between the cushions of the couch!

Yarn bowls come in different sizes and shapes and made from wood or ceramic.

Have you found any "helps" for your projects?

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