Yarn, I love Yarn!!

Yes, I do love yarn!

I love all the things that I can make with yarn. All the different textures, colors, sizes and uses! There are endless colors, patterns, ideas, and applications. My creative side just sings with all these possibilities! Generally, I have a few "works in progress" going at the same time.

For the longest time, I would store all my yarn in plastic containers, yes multiple containers. My best attempt at organizing my yarn stash was to keep it in the bag from the store, inside of the containers. I didn't label the outside of the container, I didn't do it by color, brand, type or even by project. So when I needed some yarn, it was an "adventure" finding what I was looking for. I used this method for so long, I just didn't realize how crazy it was!

I started looking on social media, talking with fellow yarn fanatics, and family for ideas of a better way to store my yarn. I needed to have better access to my yarn, hooks, reference/pattern books and "stuff". I looked on Amazon, Walmart, Target, home improvement stores, everywhere! Then I saw a picture of some nice looking, functional cube shelving. It checked all the boxes on my "must have" list.

There is a method to my "madness" in how I have organized my yarn. Check back next week when I will share how I've used my amazing cube shelving!

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