Will Christmas Ornaments Ever Rule the World?

Christmas, my favorite time of year!

I love everything about the Christmas season. The decorations, food, family traditions, the parties, the holiday spirit. It is all so wonderful!

As I was growing up, my grandmother would make all kinds of Christmas tree ornaments. Pipe-cleaner stars with beads and bells, crochet snowflakes, angels from pasta, Nutcracker soldiers from wooden clothes pins, and many, many more! This tradition has given me a love for homemade ornaments.

Having traditions is a wonderful way to create bonds, memories, and family keepsakes. And I love that my adult kids are sharing some of those traditions with their children.

One of the things that my family looks forward to each Holiday season is the Christmas ornaments that I give them. Sometimes they are store-bought, sometimes I find some at a farmers market, a lot of the time, I have made the ornament.

Even if Christmas Ornaments don't ever rule the world, (and I think they should!)

they have an important place in my heart and that of my family.

I have several different handmade crochet ornaments available in my shop.

Have a look around!

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