Why is a handmade Crocheted blanket so expensive?

Blankets, throws, afghans. We love them, use them, gift them. Cuddling up in a throw during the winter is one of my favorites!

I want to feel the yarn of blankets/throws that I see in stores or at Saturday/Farmers Markets. I love the different color combinations and pattern or stitches that I see. I want to figure out that stitch or pattern and see if I can replicate it.

I also try to figure out how long it took that crochet artist to make the throw, blanket or afghan. That's just how my mind works!

Depending on the size of the blanket, the type of yarn used, how much yarn needed to complete the throw, the pattern, and the hook size are just some of the factors that go into determining the price for the hand crocheted item.

There are so many size options for blankets!

What does all of this have to do with why a handmade crochet blanket pricing?


When setting the price for any handmade blanket, the artist takes into consideration:

1- the size of the blanket

2- price of yarn

3-purchase pattern

4- how long it will take to make the blanket (blankets take anywhere from 15-60 hours)

5-packaging supplies

6-local delivery time/fuel

7-shipping costs, if not local delivery

All these things add up to the asking price for a beautiful handmade blanket that can become a keepsake!

One of my children got a wonderful quilted blanket when he was a baby.

It was his favorite! When he was about 6, I had to make another blanket for him, but it had to have what was left of the much loved blanket inside of the new blanket.

19 years later, I had to do the same thing again with that blanket!

Blankets are made with love, time, practice and lots of work! And absolutely worth the asking price!

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