Tools of my trade

I drive a school bus. I love driving kids! They are so much fun, and I love being the first "school" smile they see in the morning and the last at the end of their school day. This bus is a tool of my driving trade.

I also am growing my custom crochet business. I enjoy crocheting and creating cherished, loved, and much used blankets and throws. I have many different kinds and sizes of hooks, and the funny thing, I use them all! I like to think I have a favorite and it seems to be the one that I'm using a particular project.

Yarn.....I have an embarrassing (you could say addictive) amount of yarn. I have it in storage bins, on shelves, in store bags, you name it, I have it stashed there!

This yarn winder! It's a lifesaver. I can't tell you how many times I have pulled yarn from the center of a skein only to have half of it come out and is tangled and knotted up. Using this amazing winder has been so helpful and stress free as I work on my projects!

These are just some of the tools of my trades. Sometimes they even overlap!

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