Reusable Water Balloons...What!?!?!

Summer. Time for family vacations, staycations, BBQ's, running thru the sprinklers, water balloons, all the fun! All the cleanup after a fun day playing in the water. Ah, Summer! But who wants to clean up all those little pieces of balloon after a fun water balloon fight? It seems like it takes weeks to find all the pieces of balloon!

What if you could have the fun of a water balloon fight without the not so fun clean up? What if you could quickly set up the water balloon fight? Not worry about filling all those balloons with water, no worrying about them breaking before they get used? Would this make everyone happy? I know it did at my house! The grandkids just love them!

Check out the video above! They were having such a great time with these reusable water balloons!

Reusable Water Balloons are amazing easy care. Squeeze out the excess water and let them air dry, machine wash and dry when needed.

Great for family gatherings, a fun alternative to birthday parties at the pool, adapt the Cornhole game with these water balloons! The possibilities are endless!

A must for families during the summer! Take a look at my store to order yours .

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