Patterns and Recipes

What do you call the instructions for a crochet throw or snowflakes?

Until recently I had thought everyone called them patterns! I am a member of several crochet groups on Facebook, and a couple of them have members that call the instructions/patterns RECIPES. I thought this was interesting and odd.

Recipes are for cooking, right? Apparently not!

These are some of my favorite go-to pattern/recipe books.

I have a binder with page protectors for my downloaded patterns found on the internet. I have tabs for the different category of projects which helps me find what I'm looking for quickly.

Baby blankets are always a great project.

The pattern/recipe is easily adaptable to what ever size I need to make. And there are so many great patterns/recipes out there!

I have 3 pattern books for snowflakes that I purchased over 30 years ago!

They are so much fun to make and look amazing on your Christmas tree.

Whether you call the instructions a Pattern or Recipe doesn't matter. Just have fun and use what works for you!

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