Not All Yarn Is Alike

Yarn, I love yarn. All the different colors, textures, fibers and materials used to make yarn, uses, sizes, etc. It is interesting to me how yarn and the yarn industry has developed over the years! When I was a teenager, there was cotton thread also known as Bedspread cotton thread, fingering weight, baby weight, worsted weight and sport weight were the most common and easiest for me to find. These are still around, but with so many more types of yarn and options to choose from!

Wool Cashmere Alpaca Merino Cotton Silk

Hemp Bamboo Mohair

Acrylic Polyester

Acrylic or Polyester Blend

Wool Blend

These are just some of the different types of yarn to choose from!

With so many different options for yarn, so many different ways to use it, and so many applications, it will take me a long time to try them all!

I will be talking more about all the ways to use yarn and how to choose the right yarn for a project in the weeks to come!

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