Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. This is where I spent most of my youth. This is where I made so many memories!

This is home.

I just had a multi-year high school reunion. It was so much fun reconnecting with classmates, taking a tour thru the high school (it doesn't look the same!), driving by the house I grew up in (it also doesn't look the same!).

Horseshoe Bend is just a few minutes south of town. I had to ask my brother if he even knew that this was thing when we were growing up! He thought that we could only get to it from the river. But now it is part of the National Park Service Glen Canyon Recreation Area. so amazing and I highly recommend stopping if you are every in the area.

When I was growing up, Lake Powell was a new lake that was filling up with snowmelt from the Rockies each Spring/Summer. In the last several years there has not been the same amount of runoff, so the lake level has been lowering.

It is sad to see.

Here's to lots of snow in the mountains for many winters to come !

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