Fun Facts About Me

I grew up in Northern Arizona. Hide 'n seek was a favorite pastime during the hot summers!

I played Clarinet in my high school band. For the local newspaper, I wrote the Friday night game highlights for my high school football team. I was also named as "Most likely to be a Journalist" by my classmates.

My grandmother taught me how to crochet on one of my trips to Pennsylvania to visit.

For about 8 years, I worked for a small airline as a Customer Service Agent. That job helped me to realize just how much I loved to travel! More on that in an upcoming post!

During my adult life, I have lived in Arizona, Nevada, Washington state, California, Oregon, Alaska, and Utah.

I have 5 amazing adult children and their spouses are awesome as well! Soon to be 11 grandchildren, that bring so much joy to my life. I have made crochet baby blankets for each them.

I have been working as a school bus driver for the last 17 years. It has allowed me to have the time off as my kids. And as an empty-nester, I still get to have time off when the grandkids do! It also gives me the opportunity to focus on my business,

Simply Yarn and Hooks!

I love creating family keepsakes, home decor and so much more!

These are just a few fun facts about me.

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