Fluffy's Blanket

Purple Dark Gray Light gray crochet blanket
Jeffrey with his crocheted blanket

A couple of days ago it was my youngest sons birthday. He's an amazing adult! And Fluffy is his nickname! More on that in a minute.

I decided last year that I was going to give him a crochet blanket for his birthday. So I went searching for the perfect pattern and yarn colors. I knew I needed a "manly" shade of purple since that is his favorite color. It was not an easy task! There are so many beautiful shades of purple, but none were quite what I was looking for.

Purple Dark Gray and Light Gray yarn
Yarn for the blanket

Hobby Lobby to the rescue! I found the perfect shade of purple and grays to compliment. Yarn Bee Soft Secret is so easy to crochet and soft to the touch.

The pattern I decided on is the Easy Interlocking Colors Blanket from Daisy Farm Crafts. The pattern is 4 single crochet followed by 4 double crochet alternating across, changing colors every 2 rows. I chose a ribbed border for this blanket.

Mark (L) and Jeff (R)

Jeff's older brother, Mark gave Jeff his nickname. Mark was 2 1/2 when Jeff was born. When he tried to say Jeffrey, it came out Fluffy. And it stuck! We still call him that. And the best part, he still answers to it!!

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