Family Keepsakes

As a young mother, I was focused on my babies and not making blankets for them! Luckily, my grandmother did took care of that part of the family keepsakes. I am eternally grateful to her for those blankets, knitted hats, and toddler sweaters.

As my children married and started their own families, I have made blankets, blessing blankets, throws, and carseat blankets for my grandchildren. I love this tradition!

These blankets are the same pattern. I love how just changing the colors, changes the look of it. So many possibilities! Both are beautiful and perfect each of the grandson's they were made for.

This gray and yellow Harlequin blanket was made for my newest grandson, but his big sister saw it and decided it was to be hers instead! So, I then made a blue gingham blanket for him, and mom hide it till he arrived.

My heart is so happy that she loves the blankets that I make for her and that her mindset is "You can never have too many blankets!"

I am venturing out of the "crochet only" blanket mindset and have made a fleece blanket with crochet edging. I love the personal touch that crochet gives the cute fleece fabric available.

If you see something that interests you, contact me for your custom handmade family Keepsake!

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