Face Scrubbies and Bath Poofs

Crochet 100% cotton face scrubby, bath poof and bag
Face Scrubby and Bath Poof with bag

Who loves Spa Days?

Who loves a Spa Day at home?

They can be so relaxing and rejuvenating.

Just this past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend time with some amazing women. Lots of laughing, food, and girl talk! And of course, we did a moisturizing treatment on our feet. The BEST!

crochet Bath Poof and Face Scrubby in several colors with custom soap
Bath Poof and Face Scrubby

These poofs and face scrubbies would be a great gift for anyone!

Made with 100% cotton yarn makes them easy to care for, and gentle on your face and body. They can be machine washed and dried (or you can air dry).

I used "Sugarwheel" cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby. So many beautiful colors to choose from!

Blush face scrubby and bath poof, Nutmeg colored face scrubby

I used a 4mm crochet hooks for both the scrubby and poof.

The poof is made with a magic ring and double crochet with a chain stitch loop.

The scrubby is also started with a magic loop, single crochet and a puff stitch. It measures approximately

3 1/2" in diameter.

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