Daisy's on a Blanket

It's Spring!

Flowers are blooming!

Warmer days are coming!

This beautiful daisy motif blanket has so much spring inspiration in it! I loved creating it. It stretched me in many ways.

There are many steps for each of the squares for the Daisy Blanket.

It took me a minute to figure out what was most efficient for me as I worked each step of the process.

I started by making all of the yellow centers for the daisy's.

This saved time as I could get into a groove with this blanket.

I didn't have to refer back to the pattern for each square.

Next, I crocheted all the daisy petals to the centers.

Again, getting into the rhythm of the stitches saved time and referring to the pattern.

The next step is making the round flower into a square.

I used the traditional double crochet and chain stitches (dc and ch) Granny square stitches as called for in the pattern.

It creates a wonderful basket look background for the flower motifs.

Once I had all of the squares (30) completed, it was time to sew them all together.

I used a whip stitch in the back loop of each square. It created a nice flat seam.

I have also used a crochet slip stitch to join squares that adds a nice texture.

It is purely a personal preference on how you choose to join granny squares.

The border I chose to use is 3 rows total.

1 row of double crochet in each stitch around, then 2 rows of cream alternating a single crochet and chain stitch.

I used Lion Brand's Pound of Love yarn and a paid pattern to crochet this blanket.

So. Much. Fun. to make it!!

I am so happy when I see people using what I have created for them!

What can I make for you?

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