Pink Gingham carseat size Blanket with Eyelet Border

Are borders always necessary for blankets?

The quick answer is no.

Do borders add to the finished look of a blanket?

Yes, they do!

Until the last couple of years, I didn't even like borders on the blankets I made. I felt intimidated by them! That has changed since I found wonderful tutorials for simple borders.

Green and Black Matrix themed Blanket with Fringe

Sometimes all you need is fringe to finish a blanket edge.

This Matrix themed custom blanket was made using the Moss stitch, single crochet alternating with a chain stitch.

The long edges of the blanket were clean and even so no border was needed.

I only need to add the fringe to hide the tails of yarn from color changes.

Fleece Blanket with crochet Shell Border

On this Fleece Blanket, I did need to add a border to keep the edges from curling and to give it a finished look.

I added 2 rows for a border.

The first row was a single crochet evenly spaced around the fleece fabric. The second row I used a simple crochet shell stitch.

I love how it turned out!

Gingham Blanket with a simple crochet border

For the Adult sized Gingham Throw, 2 rows of single crochet were used to finish it.

There are some blankets that do not need a border at all.

It all depends on the pattern and stitch that is used.

One of my favorite is the Sedge stitch, or Tulip Stitch. It creates a wavy, textured edge as it is crocheted.

Purple and Gray Interlocking Blanket with Ribbed Border

Another fun and easy border is this ribbed back loop single crochet border.

It can be made as small or as large as you would like. It is one of my favorites!

Not all blankets are created alike.

Not all blankets need a border.

You can do whatever you choose!

As the Artist of each blanket, you can do what ever you would like!


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