Any Matrix fans out there?

Are you a fan of The Matrix?

Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I have not watched any of The Matrix movies. Not a single one.

And I like Keanu Reeves!

I was commissioned to make this Matrix blanket just before Christmas. All I had was a picture to go by (since I hadn't watched the movie).

I went in search of the right shade of green, black was going to be the easy part! Hobby Lobby for the win!

Then to figure out the best stitch and pattern to get the right effect for the Matrix theme.......

I don't know about you, but I seem to get my best inspiration in the early morning hours as I get ready for work.

I decided to using the Moss stitch. It is a good repeat pattern of a single crochet followed by a chain stitch. And if I did it from a vertical perspective, then I could easily get the matrix effect. The color/color change pattern is totally random. I just changed colors when I wanted to! With the Moss stitch, I knew I wouldn't need a border on the 2 long sides, so I knew I could use fringe as part of the overall effect.

And it worked!!

This was a fun blanket to work on!

It stretched my comfort zone, and felt good to just let the creativity flow.

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